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Mottos of photo school

"That was my artistic decision"

"When in doubt, black it out"

Riverview Asylum, Port Coquitlam, BC 
© Kayla Richardson 

I have a fascination with this building, mainly because it’s extremely huge property with massive amounts of abandoned buildings with are all mental health facilities, talk about creepy cool? However, the security doesn’t enjoy me, considering how many times I’ve not been escorted off the property for trying to capture photographs of the buildings.  

A Re-Creation image, focusing on lighting VS posing and styling. In this lighting study I worked to re-create the image on the left, although with the alteration of using red gels instead of blue, due to the fact that red pops much more, and suites my model fittingly. 

As you can see by the set shot - a white seamless was used, with two gelled lights forming the red background - however I only had access to one red gel, and due to the fact that red is a primary colour, trying to create red with multiple other gels became a challenge. BUT if you use pink, purple, and orange, you get the perfect matching red colour! And on top of that a zoom head mounted to the floor was used to great the white hot spot, and a simple soft box set to a low power was used to properly illuminate the model.